Five Similar Games to Infinity Blade

Undoubtedly, Infinity Blade is one of the most renowned iOS games ever made.

Its simultaneous availability in single-player and multiplayer modes attracted a massive audience. It propelled it to the top of the iOS app charts in revenue upon its release. Additionally, Infinity Blade was the first iOS game to utilize Unreal Engine.

A group of twelve individuals required approximately five months to complete the game.

In less than six months, they accomplished much. Fans and critics lauded the game upon release.

Despite becoming a trilogy, the game was removed from the App Store in December 2018 due to issues updating any of the three instalments for newer hardware.

Since Infinity Blade is no longer available on the App Store, the following is a list of five games that are certain to provide an equivalent level of enjoyment.

Games Like Infinity Blade:

Dark Meadow: A Covenant

This compilation commences with Dark Meadow: The Pact, a Phosphor-developed free-to-play game. This dark-themed fairytale world-themed video game is developed with the Unity Engine 3, also utilized in the Infinity Blade series.

The narrative centres around the central character, who awakens in a medical facility lucid of prior occurrences.

You aim to flee the area infested with monsters unleashed by a witch. To escape, one must triumph over the evil sorceress.

The game features stunning visuals, and combat is controlled through gestures; players can employ melee attacks and various weapons.

The Eternal

DreamPrimer SRL developed the iOS, Android, and Steam hack-and-slash game Eternium.

Diablo, a hack-and-slash RPG, heavily influenced Eternium. The developers successfully transferred the renowned essence of Diablo to the mobile platform, an accomplishment that needed to be more attainable before their efforts.

Eternium is available for free on iOS and Android. While in-app purchases are accessible, they are entirely discretionary. Notably, ninety per cent of Eternium players have never spent a single dollar on in-app purchases, and everything can be obtained through gameplay. Three options are presented to you upon entering Eternium. One may become a mage, warrior, or bounty hunter. You may also wield firearms, staffs, swords, and axes, among other weapons. The guns are an enjoyable addition and undoubtedly pay homage to the classic role-playing game Torchlight.

The game is comprehensive in all aspects, including the narrative, combat, assortment of weapons, and skills. In addition to enhancing the impressive atmosphere, the special effects are also quite remarkable.

Eternium, designed for PC and mobile users who enjoy fantasy games in the style of classic role-playing novels, has achieved success by providing precisely what its fan base has been seeking. It is an excellent option for gamers who enjoy titles such as Infinity Blade.

Arkham City Batman Lockdown

Arkham City Lockdown should be at the top of your list of games comparable to the Infinity Blade compilation if you are an enormous Batman fan.

Batman Arkham City Lockdown places the player as the caped crusader as he confronts numerous well-known villains and hordes of bad guys.

The city of Gotham is currently under lockdown as several inmates, including The Joker and Two-Face, have escaped and begun to cause disorder.

You can access various skins and power-ups to enhance the game’s intrigue.

Additionally, touch controls are gesture-based, and the visuals are respectable but could have been more impressive.

Moreover, the campaign is relatively brief. Batman Arkham City Lockdown is available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store for $5.99.

The Stormblades

Stormblades is an eerily similar game to Infinity Blade in every way. Available on Steam, iOS, and Android.

Infinity Blade heavily influences this game, which may be suitable for fans. Compared to Infinity Blade, Stormblades provides significantly more gameplay and content to uncover.

Stormblades is based on an even more straightforward concept and requires much monster slaying.

The game does not incorporate any form of exploration. It is instead a level-based system in which the difficulty increases progressively with experience. The game may become repetitive for some, but this is ideal if you prefer to battle monsters rather than concentrate on the narrative.

As you advance, you would help if you acquired better equipment to overcome increasingly difficult obstacles. The fact that the game is available for free on both iOS and Android is exceptional. The gameplay is entertaining, the visuals are stunning, and the music is excellent.

In contrast to most free-to-play games, which eventually require you to spend money on their virtual currency to continue, Stormblades offers a genuinely enjoyable and cost-free experience. You can advance and confront more difficult bosses without expending any cash.

This highly captivating adventure game is available on Steam and mobile app stores, catering to gamers who enjoy titles like Infinity Blade.

“The Last Samurai”, Ronin

The action game Ronin: The Last Samurai elevates the archetype to a new level through its breathtaking visuals. Engaging in the game evokes the sensation of beholding an ink and wash painting each time.

Ronin: The Last Samurai is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

After a brief tutorial, you fight invaders to defend your village. You fight until you avenge your master’s death, the game’s goal. In addition to its visually appealing design, Ronin: The Last Samurai presents a formidable challenge. You will be required to defeat an infinite number of foes to complete an entire chapter. Additionally, in the event of your demise, before ending a chapter, you will be required to commence the process anew. This game promotes the development of strategic thinking.

Ronin: The Last Samurai, a free game, has in-app purchases. Buying in-game currency with real money is optional. Thankfully, in-game purchases don’t ruin the game.

This product is ideal for Infinity Blade fans who want to change their games’ aesthetics and themes.

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To conclude

Each game, including Infinity Blade, features intuitive controls and high-quality visuals. Even free are a few of them. Which of the releases mentioned above do you intend to obtain?

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