This assortment of games like Virtual Villagers, features other unique village management games where you’ll guide a settlement through objectives and survival.

The Virtual Villagers franchise is a series of simulation games centered around villagers developed by Last Day of Work and gives you complete control over their virtual lives. The various games in the series are puzzle-centric and require the player to help their villagers survive and thrive and use their abilities to solve a range of puzzling situations on the island of Isola.

And Games Like Virtual Villagers Are:


Create your dream resort complete with sun, sand, and palm trees in My Sunny Resort, a browser-based management game from the Upjers team, who are well known for their browser-based experiences with a host of titles across genres and settings. My Sunny Resort is available on Windows Linux through Upjers Home or Steam (Windows only).

Taking the popular and successful formula from their other management games, such as My Fantastic Park and My Free Zoo Upjers, has changed the setting while introducing several new mechanics worth exploring for any fan of the management genre. This time, you won’t be creating your dream theme park or zoo, though, with the game opting for the sunny shores of a hotel on the beach where you’ll serve guests, earn money, and ultimately upgrade to the number one holiday destination.


My Tribe puts you in real-time control of an island paradise as the survival of your intelligent Tribe is in your hands as they learn new skills, start families, and learn the secrets of the island they inhabit. With a range of significant structures to build, areas to explore, and real-time mechanics that keep your human Tribe progressing even when you aren’t playing, My Tribe is a challenging management and simulation gaming adventure.

Your goal in this journey is to create a prosperous island escape by advancing your technology, building structures, and unlocking the island’s mysteries that My Tribe is set. The game borrows many mechanics and design elements from the exceedingly popular Virtual Villagers franchise, such as the real-time gameplay and the setting. Still, it adds one or two pinches of its flavor to evolve what is available.


Based on the Sims 2 engine, The Sims Castaway Stories provides an accessible title optimized for laptops that provide a similar but trimmed-down adventure of the core Sims franchise. Offering players endless gameplay potential with a free-play sandbox mode, a linear storyline option that guides you through a series of structured events is also available. Serving as the third game in the laptop-optimized series of games known as The Sims Stories franchise, The Sims Castaway Stories sends players to a castaway island to help their survivors survive and develop relationships.

Accessing the two distinct game modes of The Sims Castaway Stories is done through the two starting neighborhood modes available: Shipwrecked and Single and Wanmami Island. For those new to the Sims franchise, a tutorial provides a handful of exercises to give you the essential tools to survive in the core modes.


Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House continues the Virtual Families series of life simulation games developed by Last Day of Work. In this sequel, you’ll find gameplay similar to the original Virtual Families title, focusing on living out your dream life within your computer as you adopt a tiny person and their family.

Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House utilizes a mixture of pay structures with the Windows and Mac versions, a paid product (with a free demo available) compared to the mobile versions, which are entirely free to play but require in-app purchases to unlock some features and in-game items.


Wild Tribe is a village management game where you must guide your little Tribe of Wobblies through a dark future to a bright ending. These villagers, known as Wobblies, have lived peacefully for hundreds of years. However, the once plentiful food and water supplies are diminishing, and the hyenas are beginning to circle. With the potential end of their village in sight, players step in, guide them through these troubling times, and hopefully save the town entirely.

To achieve this goal, Wild Tribe features many basic game mechanics you would expect to see in a time management experience. This includes instructing your creatures to build structures and items, gather food, find water, improve their technology, and other actions that allow you to manipulate the lives of your little Wobblies. Like Virtual Villagers, the game is run in real-time, so your Tribe will continue to operate even when you leave the game (although it can be paused so it doesn’t progress without your influence if players wish).

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Engage in titles that’ll have you helping vibrant characters and tribes build a whole new society from scratch on the scenic, exotic islands.

Guide your people through troubled times like famine and natural calamities, and revel with them in their good moments.

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