The Solution to the Alignment Control Center Puzzle in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

It is obvious that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor may provide gamers with a rather involved experience given its vast galaxy full of diverse planets and regions to explore. There are other sights and noises that can capture the Jedi Knight’s attention, even if the story and fighting will probably take up the most of Cal Kestis’s latest journey.

In fact, the planets are also host to a variety of riddles and challenges that may lead to a variety of rewards that may prove helpful in the conflict with the powerful Empire. This article will provide all the information required for anyone wishing to learn more about how to solve the Alignment Control Center problem in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

The Alignment Control Center is located where?

Players should become acquainted with the Alignment Control Center’s precise placement first. Specifically, it can be found beneath the Untamed Downs on the planet Koboh. Proceed through the automated door located within the rocky structure that can be seen when crossing from Rambler’s Reach.

How to Fix Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Alignment Control Center Puzzle

Once inside the building, players will find themselves in a room that has seven terminals in total as well as a Meditation Point. Players must visit and finish all of the Jedi Meditation Chambers located on the planet in order to change all of them from red at first to green and unlock the final reward. On the list are:

Pyloon’s Saloon through the Smugglers’ Tunnels: The Chamber of Duality

Chamber of Detachment – Mountain Ascent Chamber of Reason – Basalt Rift Chamber of Connection – Viscid Bog Chamber of Ambidexterity – Devastated Settlement Chamber of Clarity – Untamed Downs Chamber of Fortitude – Southern Reach, Corroded Silo

Players will most likely have previously finished the first chamber and met Zee through the main plot. To make the associated terminal green at the Alignment Control Center, the remaining pieces must be located and completed. The last item on the list isn’t really a Meditation Chamber either because all players need to do to fulfill the criterion is to obtain the perk that is located inside.

Where The Alignment Control Center Is Located

The location of the Alignment Control Center is in Kobah. The entrance is located close to the base of the huge rock formation that sits in the center of the Untamed Downs area. It faces the Rambler’s Reach Outpost on that side.

This isn’t your typical cave entrance. There’s an ornate white door that you have to enter.

After stepping through the door, double-jump to the vines above and keep moving forward. You will eventually come to a big circular elevator that will descend to the Control Center.

How To Solve The Puzzle Of The Alignment Control Center

There are a number of screens in the Control Center. They will all be red or green. They must all be green for you.

However, that is not something you can do from this Control Center. This is so because every screen is connected to a different Koboh Meditation Chamber. In order to make the screens green, you must finish them all.

All of the compartments are these:

  • The Duality Chamber
  • The Connection Chamber
  • The Detachment Chamber and the Chamber of Reason
  • The Clarity Chamber The Ambidexterity Chamber
  • The Fortitude Chamber
  • How to Proceed After Finishing Every Chamber
  • When you get back to the Control Center after finishing every chamber, you should notice that every screen is green. Once you’ve completed all the chambers, turn around and have BD-1 slice the terminal on the opposite side of the meditation area.

You’ll receive the map upgrade if you do this.

The Screens of the Alignment Control Center

Finish every Jedi chamber on Koboh

You will see that there are seven screens in front of you when you look at the Alignment Control Center meditation point. These stand for each of the Jedi Chambers that are concealed across Koboh. A chamber’s associated red screen will become green when you finish it.

You must first finish all of the Jedi Chambers and turn all seven screens green in order to access this area. Since many of them may only be unlocked by completing certain tasks throughout the narrative, this may take some time. Once you’ve done that, you may use the terminal by the meditation spot to access the Map Upgrade, which lets you view unclaimed improvements on the map. This is really useful for finding anything you overlooked in a certain area.

The Alignment Control Center Door Opening Procedure

Win Against Dagan Gera To Unleash Your Entire Potential

You’ll be able to operate the controls on the top floor of the control center if you’ve finished the Jedi Chambers. Nevertheless, you’ll also need to finish the most of the main tale in order to go to the control center. It is therefore better to wait until the narrative returns you to the Alignment Control Center on its own.

There’s a chamber with three rotating locks in the room across from the meditation point. You will be able to stop one of the locks from spinning each time you battle Dagan Gera. Finally, you’ll be able to open the elevator door and ascend to the top of the control center after stopping them all and learning how to open the red-locked doors on Nova Garon.

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