The 5 Best Games Like Age of War

Age of War is a viral strategy game with exciting gameplay primarily accessible online for free.

Although this game is fascinating, you may be playing it and get bored; this is where games like Age of War come into play.

In this article, we’ll present six games similar to Age of War, whose gameplay you’ll appreciate just as much or even more.

What is the Gameplay of Age of War?

Age of War is a strategy game that requires good planning, resource management, and tactical thinking to guide your people through different ages while defending your bases against attacks and destroying the enemy base.

Complete a task to go through the five ages. These include the Prehistoric, Medieval, Future, and Space Ages, where gold from tasks unlocks new units, buildings, and upgrades.

As a prehistoric tribe, you’ll gather resources, build, and defend your base. Your final objective is to destroy the enemy base to advance to the next age.

Besides, Age of War has unique attacks and abilities that help the player defeat the enemy, such as sending a hero unit and air attacks.

The further you advance in the eras, the more challenging and addictive the game becomes. There are other games whose gameplay is comparable to Age of War and that you’ll also find fascinating; we’ll discuss them in this article.

Clash of Clans

This is a very addictive game for mobile devices if you’re looking for something similar to Age of War. In the strategy game Clash of Clans, you’ll take charge of a city and expand it by collecting resources, constructing structures, and raising troops.

In this game, you’ll raid neighbouring villages to collect resources while defending your community against invaders.

In the single-player mode of Clash of Clans, you can fight with the AI through the levels and get rewards. In multiplayer mode, you can fight against other players’ villages and defend your village against attacks.

The game requires a lot of strategic thinking, similar to Age of War, but has a different pace. As you advance in the game, you can access more collections to expand your village.

It’s a game with addictive gameplay and beautiful graphics, in which you can customize your village.

The Battle Cats Pop!

The Battle Cats Pop!, developed and published by Panos Corporation, is an Action, Puzzle, Strategy, Single and Multiplayer video game available on Nintendo 3DS. The game combines the elements of Defence, Base building, and Combat. It centres on cats and lets you build your base, recruit your army by gathering fighting cats and train them to participate in the battle against another player. The primary task is to fight against the enemy and struggle to destroy the base before the enemy destroys yours. Explore the world to find treasures and use them to upgrade your base and armies of cats. There are a variety of stages that can be completed by training your cats. Unlock boosters and power-ups to enhance your power and become unbeatable. As the game proceeds, it becomes challenging, and you may face more powerful enemies. It features two new systems, Super Simple Battle and Superb Simple Leveling. The Battle Cats Pop! offers core features such as Strategic Gameplay, various Levels, different Bases, exciting Cats and more. The Battle Cats Pop! is the best game to play and enjoy.

Cartoon Wars

Cartoon Wars is an Arcade, Side-scroll, and Real-time Strategy video game for Android and iOS. The game takes place in the cartoon world and revolves around two tribes, the Black and the White tribes. According to the story, both tribes were invaded by evil forces who forced them into slavery. Both tribes gathered and struggled for freedom by taking the battle to the Colonial tribe. The game features stick-figure characters and allows you to select your tribe and dive into the world where you must recruit troops, train and equip them with classic weapons and defend your kingdom. There are over twenty types of units and sixteen different upgrades for your troops. Use defences strategically to protect your castle against enemy attack. Earn points, get promotions to enhance your power, and unlock other classic weapons to dominate the battlefield. Stick Figure Characters, customization, coordinated attacks, endless tags, etc., are the prominent features of the Cartoon Wars. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.

March of Empires

March of Empires is an Action-Adventure, Strategy, MMO and Fantasy-based video game created and published by Gameloft. The game allows the player to play as a Ruler who can build his Empire, collect several resources, create his military force and lead them into Combat. It will enable the player to defeat all the enemy creatures to expand his Empire. The player can also interact with the other online players, make teams, and play against the opposite section of the other online players. It is an excellent game that offers fast-paced and action-packed gameplay to immerse himself deep into the brilliant game world. March of Empires includes core features such as character customization options, Upgrades, collecting items, Power-ups, creating numbers of the building, chatting with the other players, etc. The game offers stunning gameplay, a well-written storyline, and brilliant visual details. Try it out; you’ll be amazed at everything in this exciting match.

Stick War

Stick War: Legacy is a strategy and single-player video game developed by Max Games Studios. The gameplay combines RTS, base building, and turn-based combat elements. It lets you control your army, build your units and struggle to destroy the enemies. Lead your army on the battlefield and take them down. It occurs in the world known as Inamorta, where brutal nations surround you. Each country has its unique way of defending and attacking.

Craft different weapons and participate in the battle to compete against the various countries, conquer them to earn points, and become the master. Discover new technologies and learn the ways of spear, archer, mage, and sword. Destroy enemies and capture all territories to score points and use them to upgrade your armies, units, and weapons. It is the best game to play and enjoy, with superb mechanics, addictive gameplay, and touch controls.


Final Words

For those looking for games like Age of War, we have reviewed the five best games you will find interesting, like Age of War or even more. These games are strategy and defence games with slightly different gameplay, but they have better game graphics than Age of War, so they captivate you more.

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